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I try to keep an interesting selection of 80s BMW parts in stock at all times. Featured parts currently include:

  • Selection of E34 parts, including the diff from a ’91 525iA (3.64? open), driveshaft, output shafts, some grille parts, lots of electronics.
  • Some X3 parts, including the 4.44 front diff and a 4WD engine oil pan.
  • Getrag 250 transmission, from a late 90s Z3 1.9 (M44). Very low miles, something like 119K. Fits many of the M4x, M5x, S5x and some of the later motors from what I’ve read online.
  • Spare E24 front fenders & hood are also available. I’m looking for $600 out of the set. They are the later version.
  • M30B34 long block, 133K miles, pulled from an ’85 535i. Does not include the wiring harness, injectors or DME. Otherwise complete. I’m told it’s had a rebuilt top end recently due to overheating. Newer rebuilt head was installed, looks brand-new. Needs a few little things like a thermostat housing. Otherwise complete & ready to install. $400.
  • M30B34 Euro long block from a ‘dirty’ ’82 635CSi. Only 117K miles. This is just the engine. It’s been partly dismantled, needs new valve seals at a minimum. New bearings wouldn’t hurt anything either. Does not include the wiring harness, injectors or DME, needs a few little things like a thermostat housing. Still has the full set of high-compression “piano-top” 10:1 pistons. $1000
  • While I’ve used the M30B32 long block in my project car, it’ll be available again soon. Only 99K miles, pulled from an ’81 633CSi 5-speed. Low-compression US specification, very boost-friendly. I’ve replaced every gasket and seal. It’ll fit most big Bimmers. I have the belt-driven accessories and can deliver within a reasonable distance of southwest PA.
  • The E24 parts car was scrapped, March ’21. Other parts still remain, however. Please inquire for availability.
  • The E30 moon roof sold in mid-March ’21
  • The complete M50B25 E34 motor (with front sump oil pan) was sold in early March ’21.

To see some tasty parts currently for sale, please check my listings in these venues:

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