E24 OBC & other discoveries

I’d been stumped by the 80s-tastic on-board computer (OBC) for a while. It just frustratingly blinked ‘UHR’ at me. At least it works, am I right? I determined that my car had been configured with the “late” version of the E24 OBC. Directions are here at BigCoupe.com, from the owner’s manual (that probably didn’t come with your car).

Have an earlier unit? No problem. Here’s the solution from the owner’s manual (that probably didn’t come with your car):


Press the Hour/Lock button repeatedly until a zero is displayed at the right side of the readout. Type in the correct time using the numeric buttons. Wait for the unit to confirm data (it will wink at you).  To start the clock function, press the Start/Correct key.

Ah, cold war technology! Don’t you love the incredibly high-tech computer interface? Back to the Future!  All the power of a calculator, harnessed by remembering what every ‘function’ is ‘processing’ at any given time. It’s more or less the same process we used to program a VCR. Do any of my readers recall that wonderful little mental dance?