Bosch Design III fuel injectors

I’ve been researching some updated injectors for the venerable M30 in my E24. Time has marched on since the early style injectors were designed; Bosch and Denso have both produced improved multi-nozzle designs to provide better fuel atomization. These newer “Design III” or “disk-type” injectors can easily be retrofitted to earlier cars.

Given that I’d upgraded the system to Motronic 1.3, high-impedance injectors are required. As for the injector body, it must have the older “EV1” wiring plug and retaining clip grooves on the top of the injector to suit our fuel rail and wiring harness. The most common upgrade is the Ford V8 injectors as fitted to umpteen million F-series pickups and E-series vans. However, these are all the older-style metal case design AFAIK. Since I’m a special snowflake, I wanted the plastic cased ones. It’s mainly an aesthetics thing, there’s no functional reason for my preference. Happily, there is a very common donor car for these injectors. Most Volvo I5 non-turbos built around 2000 used a 19#/200cc injector that is a perfect candidate. Happily, the I5 fuel rail is a cinch to remove. Look for the yellow-bodied injectors, Bosch part number 0 280 155 746.

On to some pics! Here’s a direct side-by-side comparison of the two injector styles:

Note that the newer injector is slightly shorter overall. Don’t worry, it’s a direct fit. The plug is in the same location on the injector body; it points up at the same angle; the fuel rail retaining clip grooves are there; they are the same depth & style; the o-ring sealing slots are the same distance apart. The o-rings are even the same size! The only difference I’ve seen is that the filter looked a bit different (although the same size) and the retaining ring on the front is a disk instead of a cup.

And, here they are installed on the motor:

The car does run somewhat smoother, but it’s hard to tell if that’s completely due to the injectors, or the elimination of small vac leaks around the old injector o-ring seals.

I’ve had a little difficulty finding a direct cross-reference, but Google turned up a tremendously helpful post over at Rennlist. Here’s the gist of it:

For the sake of simplicity – here’s Bosch part numbers for the ones I’m turning up that have what appear to be the correct groove (i.e. should not require use of a dremel to fit the fuel rail clips) and correct (high) impedance for Bosch LH Jetronic:

Design III
Bosch p/n 0 280 155 821 (unusual and expensive)
Bosch p/n 0 280 155 746 (common, found in Volvo 5 and 6cyl’s)
Bosch p/n 0 280 155 702 (Volvo)

Bosch p/n 0 280 156 013

Bosch p/n 0 280 155 759 (aka Ford Racing p/n M-9593-BB302)

Design II (these look the same as stock ones but have 4 holes)
(note – when buying design II’s, not all have the same grooves as stock injectors – those listed below do, just worth noting not all that look the shame shape as stock will fit)
Bosch p/n 0 280 150 943 (aka Ford p/n FOTE-D5A)
Bosch p/n 0 280 150 556 (aka Ford p/n FOTE-D5B)

Bosch p/n 0 280 150 431 (Saab)

If anyone wants to add to the list feel free to post and I’ll add them – if you’ve got actual fitment experience even better If I get time in the next few days I’ll try and add some bosch numbers for Design II injectors (old body style with 4 holes) – as there’s no list of them on this forum either.