Tech Articles

I’ll be populating this page with fixes and other BMW technical info.

Jan. ’16: Article about the early E24 on-board computer added.

Feb. ’17: Editorial about BMW cooling systems:

Without a doubt, this is the Achilles’ Heel of DOHC BMWs. They attempt to keep their cooling systems as light as possible. To make matters worse these systems are cheaply made. Many joints, cheap rubber o-ring seals, and low-quality plastic components that operate at a very high pressure. Thermal cycles are very hard on glass-reinforced nylon. Worse, there isn’t much of a safety factor. Any pressure leaks will rapidly be the death of an engine.

Aug. ’18: A good article from AutohausAZ about the declining production of OEM European spare parts inspired me to write one about parts sourcing.

June ’21: CarSoft backup.