Other great blogs

I’ve been inspired to invest some time into blogging due to the example and hard work of others who have pointed the way (admittedly…that’s a whole lot less credit than they deserve).

Video bloggers:

Ratchets & Wrenches ~ Speedkar99 ~ Hoovie’s Garage ~ I Do Cars ~ ChrisFix ~ Jaime’s Garage ~ Eric the Car Guy (in hibernation)

Conventional bloggers:

Daily TurismoRusty but Trusty ~ Just a Car Geek ~ Jalopnik ~ 80s Cars

Totally That Stupid ~ Grassroots Motorsports ~ Bring a Trailer ~ Tastes like Petrol

Rusty Heaps ~ Autopolis ~ Progress is fine, but it’s gone on for too long.

Spannerhead ~ Motoring con Brio ~ The Drive ~ Barn Finds ~ Old Cars Weekly ~ Hooniverse

Specific posts:

Why I will never buy a new car again ~ Nefarious Motorsports (beware!)

SecondChanceGarage (Anodizing)

Forums are also another continuous source of fellowship (& commiseration). Here’s a few BMW-specific sites I’m sure we’re all familiar with, in no particular order:

BimmerForums ~ M42Club ~ /r/BMW

PN Price Compare ToolBMW Coding ~ E30Tech

R3vLimited ~ BimmerfestMyE28 ~ BMW Classic

RTS Auto ~ Eat/Sleep/Tinker

E24-specific fun:

E24@BimmerForums ~ BigCoupe ~ E24.ru ~ BMWBlog

HonestJohn.UK E24 reviewSpannerhead’s E24

Ate Up With Motor’s history of the E24

Jay’s BMW Parts (BMW hydraulic specialist)

E3 inspirations:

CC ~ RbT ~ DT ~ GCFSWired?

Great posts I’ve enjoyed:

DD a Vintage Car (Weiland, Jalopnik) ~ Five things nobody tells you (Tavarish, APiDA)A tale of two E24 (Maher, MCB)

750iL (Martin, TTAC)Privilege (Baruth, TTAC) ~ Etiquette (West, JunkYardLife)

Awesome threads:

BimmerForums arrogant E24 advertsAE86 Rescue


Freude ist unendlich schon ~ ThinRedLine ~ Freude am Fahren