Problems & solutions!

The only serious problem I’ve had with this car is mild overheating. The seller was totally honest about this behavior when he sold the car to me. That’s a relatively worrisome symptom on most cars. It’s certainly something I should have handled immediately considering this motor’s propensity for overheating & cracking heads. I just kept an eye on it, and it rarely caused any trouble. It rarely gets really hot around here, and we infrequently need a second car, so it honestly wasn’t much of a problem. My gamble paid off – there have only been three instances where it caused trouble. Right after I got the car, I was stranded for about an hour at a local grocery store. I ran really dilute coolant along with RedLine’s Water Wetter surfactant…and that helped a lot. I did have a large coolant loss once in Carbondale, PA. I took some spare ice & water with me just in case…but the car made it back to the hotel. It also ran warm enough for me to stop for coolant in Williamsport, PA but the car still made it home. All-in-all it was manageable…until I decided to take it to Chicago twice in spring 2016. More on that here.