Pick & pull, 2020 Edition

September, 2020 gave me an unusual opportunity: Could I manage to remove [an incredibly rare] glass moon roof from an E30, in less than two hours, without power and without a fully-functional gearbox? Could it also have been a spectacular September afternoon AND a half-price weekend? (Hint: the answer is ‘yes’ to all questions.) How lucky was that? Other items that came home with me included: leather sport seats, 13-button OBC & harness, E30 cassette stereo, Premium Sound rear speakers (with intact cones) & parcel shelf, a center console (in excellent shape), early version kick panel (in not-so-excellent shape). To top it off, my buddy found a fresh E32 735i with some leftover tools. It was sad to see such a decent car at the yard, but I saved as much as I could. What a day, what a haul!

As a grand finale, the cassette deck is my favorite model, the Pioneer KE-83 ZBM. But that’s not all – it also came with the code written on the case (thoughtful!)…AND included [most of] the weird original BMW harness plugs. To put the cherry on top…once I plugged it into the benchtop P/S, it fired right up! I didn’t fully test it, but I did pop a tape into the deck. I just happen to keep a complete box of vintage 80s tapes on hand for these situations. It felt like Gershwin’s turn; Rhapsody in Blue (by Andre Previn) or The Charleston Rag?

The cassette slid in, spun up the transport, but wouldn’t fully load. Looks like our friend here is only MOSTLY dead. 🙂  A few new belts should sort it out, because, well, mostly dead is slightly alive. This little Pioneer shall return to its place of honor (in the middle of my dash)!

March, 2020 was when COVID-19 abruptly arrived, changing all sorts of plans. I took advantage of enforced time off from work to double down on my selling. I upgraded my eBay store account, it was a very wise decision – my sales tripled!

February, 2020 ended up as a restocking month. I bought a complete M42 powertrain, then stumbled across a free M52. February also gave me the opportunity for several road trips:

  • Feb 27th was my final trip of the month, another local parts pickup. I dropped off a nice Getrag 260/5 to an older enthusiast for his E30. He was a true gentleman as well, including an unexpected offer for lunch, but the weather and my tight schedule cut my visit far too short.
  • Feb 23rd returned me to Harrisburg, for a local parts pickup. Of course, I visited Wegman’s again!
  • Feb 12th found me out early on the road, so I checked the semi-local area for interesting possibilities. I left early from the shop; first leg of my itinerary was to Harrisburg, PA for a ‘local’ pickup. After meeting my buyer, I treated myself to some fresh sushi & kombucha at Wegman’s. I just love that place. After those refreshments I ran down to the DC metro area on the next leg. I wanted to check out a potential M6 project and make two other stops. The M6 was too much for me to handle, but the other parts selections were good deals. First off was a mishmash of BMW E46/E53/E60 parts, then a decent set of E36 M3 wheels. The return leg ran me all the way back through New Castle for a single E36 M3 wheel, and got me back home by midnight. What a day!

January 10, 2020 ended up being unseasonably warm, afternoon high near the 70s, It was more or less balmy! Although it was pretty wet, I popped over to the pick & pull to catch a half-off weekend event. I don’t really like muddy, but I sure do like cheap. I’d heard they had a recent E30 too. Sadly, by the time I got to it, the vultures had picked it clean. Less than two weeks after it arrived, it was a shell – didn’t even have a rear subframe! The Getrag 260 was still there, as well as the M20B25 motor, but I left them alone. Disappointed, I wandered around a little. While checking out all the 4-lug Hondas for decent hop-up parts, I found a fairly recent E36. It had been lightly gone over, but the center console caught my eye. The head unit was an OEM BMW Business CD. These are rare, and highly-sought after since they fit most other 90s BMWs. I’d sold one of those years back to start out my eBay career, it went for far more than I’d expected. Sadly, this one is slightly damaged, with no sign of the anti-theft code card either. I grabbed it anyhow. I managed to find an excellent unlocking service, the CD43 was in excellent working shape.

Dec. 10, 2019 was cold, but my favorite PnP yard notified me about a car I was looking for, a ’90s 740iL (E32). I grabbed the brake calipers, headlights and a few other goodies. It was a wonderful day to be there. Despite all the hard work, we really had a good time. Here’s a few pics of this unfortunate victim:

Nov. ’19 brought a few random opportunities my way, in several “parts lots”. You never know what you’ll get when you show up for one of these…it’s the luck of the draw. I managed to pick up quite a few E30 parts in three separate transactions around the holidays, along with a selection or E36 stuff. Here’s a little taste of the action:

I’ll be holding onto some of the best pieces, but most of them end up at my eBay store. If you’re interested in anything, I offer discounts in exchange for site comments:



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