First post!

Just a placeholder, until I get some lovely BMW stuff up on the blog later this week. We’re up and online though, and that’s more than half the battle.

My father enjoyed BMWs. He enjoyed the near-anonymity of the brand and the camaraderie of our dealer’s garage. For years we flashed our headlights at other BMWs as a friendly ‘hello’. We were frequently asked if it was a Volkswagen. That wasn’t meant as any kind of an insult – those funky old air-cooled VWs were a popular choice.

Now that I’m thinking on it, we had a bunch of VWs too. They certainly deserve an honorable mention. I came home from the hospital in a Karmann-Ghia. It was traded in on a ’74 411 squareback, and finally an ’84 VW Rabbit (a 5-door Champagne Edition, no less!).


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