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You can be sure I’ll have an interesting selection of 80s BMW parts all the time. Featured models currently include:

  • E21 – two complete wide-ratio Getrag 245/4 (overdrive 5-speed transmission, M10 pattern), with subframes, flywheels and a driveshaft. SOLD
  • E24 – M30B32 long block
  • E30 – Complete Bilstein Sport/Bavarian Auto spring setup, trunk lip spoilers, lots of other little stuff. SOLD

To see some tasty parts currently for sale, please check my listings in these venues:

eBay store ~ Craigslist postings ~ Panjo Market

Here’s a few recently recommended items:

Permatex black RTV adhesive ~ Blue-Star windshield repair ~ WizGear phone auto clip ~ Blu R1 HD cell phone

Feel free to email any requests to me with the form below.