C33 & C43 refurb

I’ve acquired many OEM BMW stereo units recently – a CM5908, CM5903 (C33), a C43 and a CD43.

The CD43 was quite a challenge to unlock, had to get a specialist involved. It’s since gone to a new owner via eBay (Thanks!), so I’ll focus on the less loved cassette models.

The C33 won’t make any sound. The C43 powers up. I managed to clear the CODE WAIT message; I’ll get the actual code from my dealer later on. If you get a CODE WAIT, just leave the unit powered up for about two hours. It’ll eventually switch over to the CODE ____ display, ready for your anti-theft digits.

I’m also tempted to take the “amp” apart to see what makes it tick. Apparently the E24/E28/E30 “BMW Premium Sound” Blaupunkt amp is more of a passive crossover, along with a few capacitors slung on the Nokia speakers. Later cars have more speakers…but it seems many drivers care little for the quality of BMW’s sound systems. Next time I’m in the yard, I’ll be digging out a high-end unit from a more recent BMW to see what the next generation looked like. I’ll be looking for one of the Logic7 units, or the near-interchangeable HK system.

I found one whilst scrounging a local pick-n-pull yard this weekend! Pulled a partial HK system from an E46 (nine speaker). I got the amp, trunk bracket, subwoofers, tweeters, a few door speakers, wiring harness, antenna, loudness button, and the E46-style CD43. Lots of chopping to get at the harness…updates will follow once I get it all set up.

Of course, this will all have to wait until I get more units in stock. That nearly-perfect CM5908 at the top went off to New Zealand for a concours 325i M-Tech restoration. My last C43 is now sitting in a Z3 in Georgia. I’m jealous, always wanted a roadster…at least it’s being enjoyed! I also found a nice Alpine CM5908, but it was under-packed & mangled on the way here by USPS and now won’t make any sound. 🙁 I still have an E46 CD43 that I need to unlock (I need some iBus data and an IKE apparently).