BMW leather grades

I was just idly curious about the differences between BMW’s many grades of leather. I’m actually a fabric-type guy, but it’s hard to get around the fact that most BMWs end up with hides. So here’s a little data I found to start with, more will be added later (as time & space permit):

BMWs types of leather: Bison (embossed, not the same as Buffalo leather from BMW), BMW Buffalo Leather (real water buffalo leather, originally open pore, later with pigmented leather finish), Cinghalino (embossed pig skin optics), Dakota (embossed), Kansas, Lavalina (Alpina), Merino, Montana (embossed), Monza, BMW Napa, Nasca (embossed), Nevada, Novillo, Oregon, Pearl, Walknappa (napa).
Here are some pics, you can see the leather is more rough