Other great blogs

I’ve been inspired to invest some time into blogging due to the example and hard work of others who have pointed the way (I’ll let you determine if that’s to their credit). Just a few of my favorite blogs:

Daily TurismoRusty but Trusty ~ Just a Car Geek ~ Jalopnik ~ Totally That Stupid

Grassroots Motorsports ~ Bring a TrailerRusty Heaps ~ Progress is fine, but it’s gone on for too long.

Spannerhead ~ Motoring con Brio ~ The Drive ~ Barn Finds ~ Old Cars Weekly ~ Hooniverse

Specific posts: Why I will never buy a new car again ~ Nefarious Motorsports (beware!) ~ SecondChangeGarage (Anodizing) ~

Forums are also another continuous source of fellowship (& commiseration). Here’s a few BMW-specific sites I’m sure we’re all familiar with, in no particular order:

BimmerForums ~ M42Club ~ /r/BMW ~ PN Price Compare ToolBMW Coding ~ E30TechR3vLimited ~ BimmerfestMyE28 ~ BMW Classic ~ RTS Auto

E24-specific fun: E24@BimmerForums ~ BigCoupe ~ E24.ru ~ BMWBlog ~ HonestJohn.UK E24 reviewSpannerhead’s E24 ~ Ate Up With Motor’s history of the E24

Great posts I’ve enjoyed:

Five things nobody tells you (Tavarish, APiDA)A tale of two E24 (Maher, MCB)750iL (Martin, TTAC)Privilege (Baruth, TTAC) ~ Etiquette (West, JunkYardLife) ~

Awesome threads:

BimmerForums arrogant E24 advertsAE86 Rescue ~


Freude ist unendlich schon ~ Freude ist… ~ ThinRedLine ~ Freude am Fahren ~ Freude am Fahren 2 ~ Freude am Fahren 3 ~