Happy 2019! That must mean it’s time for another project…

Jan. 14: Yep, another E21. I can’t seem to shake the 80s, eh? That’s not a bad thing, if that’s what you were thinking.

I’m going to christen this one “End Of The Line”. Why? Well, for two reasons. First, it’s an ’83, one of the last of the E21 production run. Unfortunately, I won’t have a transmission or drivetrain for it, so it’s most likely going out in a very slow blaze of eBay glory. Much of it is salvageable, I’m looking at it as a fundraiser.

That’s rather unfortunate, since the E21 isn’t nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be. The late models are rather civilized, particularly compared to the spartan 2002. Alas, their vulnerability to road salt and lack of collector interest commonly corrodes them to oblivion. This one is no exception…time has told.


These were somewhat sporty at the time…I’ll have to accessorize it with some tennis or squash gear, maybe a really nice cassette radio? My favorite brand was Pioneer. Their SuperTuner III feature was impressive for the era. Nice sound considering the price. They could drive four speakers at about 25 watts RMS if I recall correctly. Maybe with a Realistic amp/crossover bolted under the dash? How about a CB or a FuzzBuster?

Jan. 28: The E21 listings have been coming along nicely; as advertised the car was packed with rare and unusual OEM E21 parts. The car was delivered on time and right where I needed it (despite three flat tires, we got it safely unloaded without incident – largely thanks to Steve’s skill). I’ll be removing the 245 gearbox for Steve’s 2002 racecar, but otherwise it’s mine. In an unrelated purchase, I’ve also managed to score a low mileage M30B34 from an ’85 535i, along with a complimentary Getrag 265 5-speed overdrive gearbox. It should also have a single-mass flywheel for maximum fun. If it doesn’t sell it’s going into the 635CSi.

Feb. 6: There’s been a little more activity on the hulk. Glass is out, doors are gone, front removed. Check out the rust!

Feb 25: There’s been some progress. I also found more rust. I know you’ll find that hard to believe, but it’s true. Pics:

March 31: The car has finally left the garage. I chopped the chassis into five small sections and hauled it away. I’ve also boxed up a large part of the remainder & sent them off to other enthusiasts. I still have a few bins of parts, but the rest of it has gone to a better place. I was so busy I didn’t take any pictures!


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