Another one joins the stable!

I’m always looking for decent project cars. I’m one of those poor slobs that wastes his day watching [semi] local eBay & CL ads, frustrated that Facebook Marketplace is such a crappy venue. IMHO it’s mostly not FB’s fault…many sellers are unreliable and the buyers are even worse. Don’t even get me started on OfferUp, 5miles or VarageSale.

All that time spent watching isn’t a complete waste. Sure, most of this time is wasted (99%?), but not today. Call it what you will: fortune, coincidence, synchronicity, intervention of a higher power, what-have-you. Even someone that jumps as slowly as I do will occasionally catch a bargain. With any luck, I just had that experience. I pulled the trigger on a 1997 M3! This one is the relatively rare E36 M3 sedan. Not the finest example of the breed, that’s for sure. It’s neglected…high-mileage…thoroughly rusted…missing many of the bespoke Motorsport parts…and it’s the [unloved & disrespected] 5-speed automatic. Despite that, I still wanted it. Once you hear the growl of an S52 it’s hard remain detached and logical. What else can I say? I love new projects!

I’m typing this as logistics are getting planned. I’ll be taking my supplies: ATF, distilled water, motor oil, extra fuel, etc..

The trip home passed without incident. Suspension is worn out, she runs a little warm, brake rotors are warped, much of the interior is gutted, much of the rest is non-functional. This car has two tires in the grave…it’s time for the project phase to begin! I’ve posted a page here to keep track of progress.

Update: this car is off to a new owner. He’s decided to grab the front suspension and motor for his E30. I’ll post links if he puts up a build thread anywhere.


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