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Spring 2018 is here, and it brings more than just daffodils…two more parts cars showed up! Due to an unfortunate chain of events, I’ve had to make room for these two ‘new’ project cars. It took two days of diligent work, but we managed to transport them from the field and deliver them without major incident to Iconic BMW HQ. I’ll be reporting on parts availability and condition next week.

In case you don’t recall, here’s the cars as I found them, nearly four years ago:

Big developments! I’ve been storing some cars over at a buddy’s house, and he’s been hit with a citation for abandoned cars. We’re chopping up the most unfortunate ones, and trying to salvage what we can. With a lot of time & effort we’ll save whatever can be salvaged. Today’s victim was an ’88 325. This one-year-only special ran the rare M20B27 “Super” Eta. Somewhat sought after, this engine is used to make a so-called 327i hybrid, combining the revvy power of a M20B25 with the low-RPM torque of an M20B27. Feast your eyes on the destruction:


Mar ’18: I’ve stumbled into two purchases so far this month. The first seller was trying to fund an E28 project, making space for a 350ci SBC and matching 5-speed. The second seller was cutting loose some E30 parts. Many were from an E30 autocross project. It’s currently running a warmed-over M52, but he’s turning it up a few more notches with a medium-sized turbocharger. I’ve listed a few on eBay to cover my costs, but I’ll likely keep the trunk lip spoiler, the M20 gearbox. I’m suspecting the M20 single-mass flywheel and Bilstein Sport/BavAuto spring combo are getting a new lease on life in my M42-powered 318i.

Feb ’18:The E23 is finally gone. I’d finished pulling the HVAC unit and the power front seats. I left a few good parts on the car, and donated it to a local pick-n-pull called Rusty Hook Auto. They’re a good place to go, I definitely recommend them. If anyone needs some E23 parts, I’ve listed many of them on eBay. Check them out & mention my blog to receive a 10% discount!

January ’18 update: I’ve had a lucky few weeks shopping for stuff I needed, picked up a few great bargains. To top it off, I passed a few of those bargains off to other addict/enthusiasts like me. Santa was good to more than a few Bimmerheads this season! The M106 sold as a package deal, along with the Clutchmaster FX300 setup and a matching 260/6, heading for an E30 project. I also sold both Getrag 265s, the 3.46 LSD, the E23 driveshaft, then the matching E23 5-speed swap kit. Even the B32 harness is on the way out! All I have left is the E23 chassis, the M30B32 and a set of 14×6″ BBS wheels (sold). I’ll likely end up using them both unless I find a buyer first. I always look for the win-win situation, if anyone needs these parts let me know.

December ’17: First off, the M106 has been pulled from the E23 parts car. I’m finally prepping it for sale. Among other discoveries, I also found a high-performance Centerforce clutch mounted onto the lightweight flywheel. The differential is a limited-slip 3.46 unit. Looks to be in great shape too.

I also followed up on an offer I made on an M30B32 & transmission (along with a set of OEM 14″ BBS style 5 wheels) from a really nice guy in the Cleveland area. So I fired up the my wife’s car (my parts hauler), rented a trailer and headed on up. He’s bought an E24 and has decided to swap out the tired M30 for a GM LS smallblock. It was nice to help him fund that project and get some parts I needed. As it was described in the ad, I presumed the B32 was in poor shape. There is some evidence of a blown head gasket. However, the bottom end looks virtually brand-new. The air cleaner housing still had an original paint job.  The DME and AFM are both virginal. The wiring harness was also incredibly well preserved. Almost every clip and plug was accounted for. It’s been on the motor for 35 years, but even the vinyl conduit sleeves and bulkhead grommets aren’t cracked! I have no idea how this happened, I’ve never seen one like it. Not sure what I’ll do with it, but a clean 059 DME and harness has to be worth something to someone.

I had really bought it for the transmission. It’s a Getrag 265/6 with provision for Motronic 1.0 sensors, which is great. I was pleased to note that the cable drive was still functional. This configuration of mechanical speedo and digital fuel injection was only available for a single year (1981), and only on the E24. Newer 5-speed manuals cannot easily be installed in earlier pre-80s BMWs, since newer gearboxes have different bell-housing patterns and no provision for a cable-drive speedo output. This particular transmission can be installed in virtually any BMW built since the 60s.

I’m thinking this sweet little B32 will find a temporary home in my E24 while I rebuild the high-compression B34 into something even more fun. It’s been a good month…I certainly can’t complain!

More to come.


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