Setting up a light-duty tow vehicle.

I also ordered a tow hitch. I know, you’re thinking that an E30 makes a worthless tow vehicle, Class I ball hitches are a joke, it won’t really tow anything, etc.. But given my habits, I’ve figured that this little car should easily do all I’m asking of it. I need it for a bike rack, and as an occasional engine carrier or motorcycle transporter. Many people buy way too much car. I don’t need a giant pickup with a full-sized 4×8 bed and an four ton tow rating.

The hitch I chose is just bolted through some holes drilled in the trunk sheet metal. I know that it’s not meant for anything larger than 1500 pounds, and I’m sure it’ll bend the sheet metal if overloaded. However, if it pays off, I’ll upgrade that bolt-in design with a tube-type receiver and some hitch-to-frame reinforcement.

I’ll likely buy the cheap HF folding trailer along with a locking tool box so I’m not renting stuff all the time.  With any luck the proceeds from scrapping this E23 will cover the costs. Reviews will be posted, stay tuned!