Current Projects

2018 has been a good year. As of August, I’m currently waiting on new cars. There are a few decent leftovers from the cars I parted out this year: two complete E21s and an E23. I’d also been fortunate enough to score a few bargains earlier in the year: E24, E28 & E30 parts lots. I’ve gradually been selling those off to raise funds and clear up space. Here’s a few of the choicest pieces:

2017 was fun though. The ’86 635CSi finally made it to the front of the line. Two years and counting, but it’s been worth the wait. I’ve also sold off the remaining S38B35 Motorsport goodies. It’s been a busy season!

I also gave a little attention to our dependable old ’91 318i. At almost 300K miles she needs quite a bit of work. The most serious problems were chronic overheating, a cracked windshield and various water leaks. Despite resolving those problems the poor car failed our safety inspection due to corroded rear brake lines. Since she still needs a good bit of work (rust repair, front suspension overhaul, etc.), I left her outside in long-term storage. I considered cutting the car loose as a project, but I prefer not to sell a good running car that’s given us so many great memories. My kids will need to wrench on something, right?

There are even more projects sitting at the back of the queue. Two E21s sitting in a field, along with an E24 automatic. Should I part them out or refurb?