Current Projects

2017: The ’86 635CSi had finally made it to the front of the line. Two years and counting, but it’s been worth the wait. I’ve also been selling off some S38B35 Motorsport goodies on consignment. It’s been a busy season!

I’ll also be giving a little attention to my “daily driver.” It’s my old ’91 318i. At almost 300K miles, she needs a little work. I’ve finally nailed down a serious overheating problem by installing a new heater core and expansion tank seals. She still needs a windshield (TBD), some suspension work (new front hubs & brakes are installed), some bodywork to head off significant corrosion in the door sills & rocker panels (TBD). All this work is more or less just to prepare her for long-term storage…in four or five years my kids will need to wrench on something, right?

There are even more projects sitting at the back of the queue. Two E21s sitting in a field, along with an E24 automatic. Should I part them out or refurb?