My 9th BMW hails from the Midwest

The 318iS is a pretty special model. I’m confident that they will be an excellent investment as time goes on. However, this example was rather unfortunate. An enthusiastic owner had bought the car as an ongoing project, but life got in the way. She posted the car at M42club, unfortunately to very little interest. I figured the car would sell very quickly, sad that we’d be losing a potential member of the close-knit M42 Club.

I hesitantly suggested that she cross-list the car at R3vlimited, but warned her that hundreds of tire-kicking BMW fanboi parasites would happily waste her time and trespass on her patience. That’s been my experience; your mileage may vary. After about three weeks of no activity, I set up a deal to get the car. This being my first experience with recovering cars on my own, mishaps abounded.

I submitted the car to DailyTurismo – here’s their article describing the car. I also sent it along to Chris at RustyButTrusty – here’s his point of view. Thanks guys!

This car eventually sold on eBay. The buyer arranged to pick it up in Chicago, saving me substantial transport costs back to the Iconic BMW workshop. Despite many setbacks…she was delivered to her new owner in Texas in May 2016.


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    […] This was quite the winter for rescues. My buddy Dan told me about an estate sale ’92 325i Cabriolet, and I was also called upon to rescue a ’91 318iS. […]

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